Monday, April 16, 2012

Dusting off my lyric writing

So I haven't written much of anything in years. I find myself full time elsewhere. I was just dusting off some old writing and thought I might as well post my old lyrics. Some have fully written songs and some are fragments but here is one to kick off my new idea of just sharing my work wherever it happens to be. This one is from back around 2003.

The Road to Now

Ghosts, like mirrors, draw me nearer to the self that I am not
Somewhere on the road to now, all things changed I don’t know how
Days were clearer, nights were dearer, back before the towers fell
Now there is an empty space, something that I can’t erase

The landscape’s changing faster now
I can’t believe it’s true
This world was always upside down
I guess I never knew

Hosts like fears love your ears, like to feel you understand
Sometimes when I give fear space, nothing else feels out of place
But fear grows and always knows, just how to shun a warm embrace
It leaves me feeling vaguely lost, fear has such a heavy cost

The landscape’s changing faster now
Perhaps that’s really true
This world was always upside down
So tell me about you

The landscape’s changed forever now
Perhaps that’s really true
The world of now is all I know
So tell me about you

Copyright 2003 Brent Roberts

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Susan Boyle - "I Dreamed a Dream"

Susan Boyle's new CD takes away your breath and tugs at your heart. I believe that true art is an expression of oneself that moves another - that touches and passes on a feeling of the artist's experience. For her cover of 'Wild Horses' alone this would qualify. Her totally pure tone evokes Karen Carpenter with more grit and power. It is hard to believe that the world might have missed her entirely if not for a trend toward reality TV. Some cynics will find the orchestration overblown - and the non Christian may question the need for the religious tracks - but I think that misses the whole point. It is a defense against letting in the heartbreak and beauty that her singing offers. I also have to admire her for what I presume is her ability to maintain some artistic control and stick with the songs that reflect her and who she is. Bravo.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kathy Griffin - "official book club selection"

Hi Kathy,
Over here! It's me "Brent" one of your "gays". You probably will not remember me because we haven't really met. I have seen you perform live in DC where I live but don't hold it against me. I so didn't know Matt was living here when you met him and I am sooo sorry that all went down so badly. You rocked DC btw - and I meant to go the last time you were here and just didn't get my %$#@ together. I watch the D-list but I have kids, so I miss episodes here and there when I fall asleep from exhaustion too early on the sofa. Did you know the gays made a hook up site called - you should get a profile on there and do a press release or something. I just finished your amazingly brilliant memoir and I must congratulate you NOW (Oprah will be calling - I told her it was just HUGE). But I should warn you Perez Hilton is pissed as he is losing his grip on the tiara of Queen of All Media. Is it ironic that I read your book about 1 day after I finished reading Tina Brown's "The Diana Chronicles"? You know they stripped her of her HRH in the divorce so maybe it's available if you are looking for new lands to conquer. I don't know if they will ever give it to Camilla. Seems there were more than 3 in that marriage. Oh and hey thanks for the gay marriage support but I get better tax deductions for my kids with my unmarried guy. Anyway this is my pointless post directly to you. I can direct it to you in the "to:" line cuz you are probably the only reader I have. ;-) I blog ... but eeeh not-so-much. I got some really good laughs from "official book club selection" thank you and I hope it propels you to C-list stardom. Those Woz emails are priceless. Ok I missed something this season - what actually happened to Jessica? Is she like on MTV Real World or something??? They are in DC so I was gonna drop by if so. Must know.
Love, kiss, big bear hug and see you next time you are my way. Say hi to Gayle.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Question thinking

I have been reading a good cognitive behavioral therapy book called Change Your Questions Change Your Life. I must say the premise is so simple and I find it has helped me identify how I am always asking myself questions and I am just unaware that I make my choices in life based on those questions. I think the real gift is being able to revise your thinking from what the author calls judger thinking to learner thinking. Although the author Marilee Adams doesn't say anything about it the content reminds me of the basic principals in A Course in Miracles only better related to daily life. I loved ACIM but sometimes it feels so out there you need someone to bring it down to earth. That's why I used to love Marianne Williamson. I always thought she just got it and kept it by teaching others. I heard her in la when I was a 20ish kid at an aids support group with a friend. I know she has a church somewhere in the midwest now. Enough random stuff for now.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

economy - econ oh me

I shouldn't be talking since I started out at Georgetown as an international econ major and quickly changed gears when hit with a depressing C in macroenconomics. Micro makes sense - macro makes none. It is unsettling to know that the engines that drive our economy are about theories and not anything much more. I keep looking at the whole bailout situation and I must say - I don't get it. I feel like so much of what we are experiencing is the results of living off credit - either in small business, big business or individual loans. I do have a thing against debt. I was very much into it when I was young and clawed hard to get out of it. I ended up back in it not long ago when I adopted my daughter while trying to finish a renovation and I haven't been too happy to see the bills since. But I have worked steadily to put it behind me again and I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think that the notion that we can spend what we don't have creates a whole host of problems. I understand that lots of business works like this - I pay for my goods with my credit and get the money from the sale to pay it off meanwhile making payroll etc. What I don't understand is why am I paying this way with what appears to be a 1 month or so cushion against bad times. This means I can't really afford to buy my goods unless someone is definitely buying them. I am sure there are profit maximizing reasons why this may be so. But wouldn't I be a better business person if I could pay for my goods and expenses for 3-5 months from a reserve I had saved over time. Obviously it never is a perfect world and I get it that things are tough but when did we stop valuing having money and instead value having a credit score that merits a loan? OK - I am certain this is a rant that needs an end so here it is. I recommend the book that saved me initially from a debt riddled life "How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously" by Jerrold Mundis (sp?). It may not work for the Wall Street world but it is common sense action for mine.

Ta ta.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Year of no blogging

Well it looks like I am about to return from the year of blogging dangerously - well not blogging at all. It was not intentional trust me. I am not sure what has happened. I am sure of one thing - 2008 won't go down as the best year of my life.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wammie Nomination

I am very excited to report that Paint the Evening Sky has been nominated for best electronica recording of 2007 by the Washington Area Music Association (WAMA). The awards, called Wammies, are to be announced February 17th at a ceremony at the State Theater in Fairfax VA. It's an honor to be nominated but hey - I want to win it ;-).

Congrats also to the other nominees in this category: Reminted by Fort Knox 5, Pop Filter (Rethoughts) by Ben Young, Kadath - The Dream Quest by XCross, Beneath the Watchful Eyes by Arthur Loves Plastic.

But if you know any WAMA members give my album a plug - I am trolling for votes on a Huckabee budget. Spread the word. Peace!